Going for the Gold at Glitters Fine Jewelry

When you think of jewelry, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is Gold.

Gold is one of the more recognizable metals because of its significant impact on the course of human history and huge effect on the shaping of culture and science. Due to its malleability and shininess, the metal has been used to make much more than just jewelry, but not too many people are familiar with the several purposes of Gold.

Fun Facts about Gold:

  • The world’s gold originates from a collision of neutron stars. The gold in our jewelry are little pieces of neutron stars that merged in our galaxy before the sun was born. How exquisitely radiant?

  • Gold is the 79th element on the Periodic Table of the Elements with the atomic symbol of Au which derives from the Latin word for gold, aurum.

  • Purified 24k gold is relatively soft and breaks easily. To manage the metal’s color and durability, Gold is often alloyed with other metals. Therefore, lower-purity gold or alloyed gold is commonly used in jewelry.

  • Olympic medals made of solid gold were last awarded in 1912 at the Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden. Now, Olympic Gold medals are required to contain a minimum of 6 grams of gold.

  • Gold is used as a garnish for gourmet foods, sweets and drinks. Though the gold leaf or flakes are flavorless, it adds glitter and a perception of high value.

  • In the early 2000s, Gold teeth were popular fashion statements especially in the hip-hip culture.

  • After the successful conquest of Gaul, Julius Caesar awards each of his soldiers 200gold coins and pay off war debts.

  • A 800-year-old copy of the Muslim holy book, the Quran, is transcribed in gold and was sold for nearly $2.3 million at a London auction in 2007.

Preview our favorite gold trends:

Celebrating 25 Years of Glittering


This year marks 25 years of “Glittering friendship” and loyalty for Patti, Shirlee and Sharon.

In appreciation and thanks, Glitters will be donating a portion of our holiday proceeds to each of the girls’ favorite charity.

Save the Date for Links of London Trunkshow

Join us December 13th, 12pm-6pm for a Links of London trunkshow at Glitters Fine Jewelry!

This is a free event.

Happy Holidays

May all “good things” in life be yours in abundance and may good health and happiness follow you 
throughout the coming year. All of us join in saying 
“Thank You” and wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

The Girls at Glitters

PS. We look forward to seeing you for your holiday shopping!

Starting December 3rd, we have extended holiday hours to help you find your perfect holiday gift.

Holiday Hours

Starting December 3rd

Monday – Thursday     10am—8pm
Friday – Saturday     10am—6pm
Sun. Dec. 9th, 16th, & 23rd    12pm—5pm

Dec. 24th    10am—4pm
Dec. 26th    10am—6pm

CLOSED  Christmas Day, 
New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day

Resuming normal business hours 
December 26th.

We DELIVER, call for details. 913-661-0834

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A Golden Opportunity

It’s still the middle of winter but spring will soon be here. That’s the time when we traditionally clean our closets and dressers in anticipation of warmer weather. While you’re “spring cleaning” this year keep an eye out for jewelry pieces that you haven’t put on for years. Gold prices remain high which makes now the perfect time to sell those unworn jewels. Bring them to Glitters. We can weigh and buy your gold at current market prices, giving you cash or store credit towards your new jewelry favorite. We call that a golden opportunity… just sitting in your closet.

Valentines are not just for sweethearts anymore

It’s a time to celebrate the love in your life. Whether it is your spouse, daughter or someone else really special, February is a great time to let them know how much their love means to you. We have a saying at Glitters: Flowers and candy are dandy but jewelry is the gift that lasts forever. Stop by and let the Glitters girls help you find that special something. And remember to treat yourself too!

Dear Glitters Family and Friends

What a wonderful holiday season 2011 was! And we have you, our Glitters family, to thank for that. We love being a part of your holiday giving. We love  serving as your “personal jeweler” throughout the year. No matter what the occasion, even if there is “no occasion,” a gift from Glitters can make it one. Your business is always appreciated! That’s what allows us to contribute a portion of our holiday sales to support organizations such as the American Cancer Society as well as your favorite causes throughout the year. The girls at Glitters wish you and your family much happiness and good health in 2012 and beyond.

GLITTERS has enjoyed your support and referrals to friends and family for 31 years. Now with each referral you can earn “Glitters Reward Points.” Recommend us to couples planning to get engaged. They’ll love hearing about our “Wedding Day Raindrops” offer. When they buy their engagement ring from Glitters and it rains on their wedding day… Glitters will refund the price of the ring up to $5,000. So go ahead and talk about us and enjoy your own rewards.
– The Glitters Gals

You’ve Gotta Have It! – Stacking Bands

Now that we’re all stacking bands, it’s on to the next fashion “gotta have it,” fresh from the New York and Paris Fashion Week photos: stacking bracelets. In India, one’s status can be determined by the number of gold bangles on the arm, but those bangles are all the same style and color. In our world we want variety. You can start with what you already have in your very own jewelry box. You don’t need, or even want to stick with one color metal or style. The updated fashion of stacking bracelets is more of the mix-and-match variety, just as we are doing with our rings. You can mix bangles with chains, different metals and textures and colors.

Remember, diamonds go with everything. Have fun with it. Start with three bracelets, work up to six, or as many as work with your own personal style. Glitters can help you coordinate new pieces into your collection. Stacking bracelets: they’re a “gotta have it” this season! So come by and let the Glitters girls help you get stacking.


Glitters is ready to grant your special wish!

As we count our many blessings, it isn’t hard to see that life’s most Special Gifts are Good Health, Friends and Family.

In the spirit of the Season, a little MAGIC comes your way.

With Glitters Holiday coupons you’re sure to SAVE the day!

We want to say Thank You to our Loyal Customers and Friends. You Truly are the magic that for us never ends.

Join us this holiday season and we will  help you create your own magic with beautiful Jewelry from GLITTERS.

~All the girls at Glitters

Click here for our holiday hours – starting December 5th.

Be sure to insure!

From Yahoo News:

Here’s a tip for anyone planning to propose. Do it on solid ground. Matt Cawley learned that lesson the hard way when he popped the question with a $9000 ring attached to a sand dollar on a jetty in Cape Cod. When girlfriend Stacey Scanlon picked up the shell, the ring fell into the water and disappeared. “It was the worst feeling in the world,” Cawley said in an interview with TodayShow.com. At least, he’s in good company. Actress Megan Fox also lost her 2-carat engagement ring on a beach after boyfriend Brian Austin Green proposed. Despite sending her minions to comb the shore, she never retrieved it. Ocean: 2. Finger: 0.

But staying inland isn’t the only guarantee of a smooth proposal. One outdoorsy type proposed to his girlfriend on a rugged hike in Maryland. In her excitement, she slipped, fell off a cliff and had to be rescued by helicopter. Reed Harris’ proposal also ended with a trip to the emergency room. He thought to surprise girlfriend Kaitlin Whipple with a ring in her milkshake. Guess who’s a gulper? In the emergency room, Harris proposed with the X-Ray of the ring in her stomach in place of the real thing. She said yes, and spent the next few days eating prunes, trying to pass the diamond. Kaitlin wrote on her blog: “It arrived this morning and I have never been so excited about my bodily functions.”

Read more on engagements gone awry.


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