Heather Moore Trunk Show

Join us on Thursday, October 13th from 11am-7pm for a trunk show at Glitters Fine Jewelry. See what new goodies we have and have fun with the girls.

This event is free.

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Wedding day raindrops

Rain, rain, come our way, grace us on our wedding day!

…is on the lips of couples who have purchased their engagement rings at Glitters Fine Jewelry.

When you buy your engagement ring from glitters and it rains on your wedding day…Glitters will refund the price of your engagement ring, up to $5000.

Now that’s worth a little extra hair spray and an umbrella!

See our promo page for details and rules.

What does the Gold Rush mean to you?

“It’s as good as gold.” That’s the time-worn proverbial comparison.And, never more so than now. Gold is intrinsically valuable; always has been. The price of gold, however has a history of fluctuating wildly, for many reasons.

The financial markets deal in the PURE ECONOMY of gold. That’s why it’s featured prominently in the business news. Let’s not overlook the pure beauty of gold.  Beautifully crafted and designed pieces of jewelry are meant to be treasured eternally.  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? for one thing, the value of your beautiful gold jewelry may have drastically changed, and YOU MAY NOT BE PROPERLY INSURED IN CASE OF A JEWELRY LOSS (heaven forbid!). So, if you have not already done so, you should have your fine jewelry re-evaluated for insurance purposes. GLITTERS can help you. Just stop by or call for an appointment.

While you’re at it, you might find some pieces you haven’t worn in years and really don’t care to keep eternally. GLITTERS can help you there. too. Just gather up those pieces, as well. Bring them to GLITTERS. We will WEIGH your gold and BUY your gold from you based on the current market price of gold.


You’ve gotta have it

Remember when every closet had that “little black dress” because no wardrobe was complete without it? Taking its place in the “jewelry box” is the Diamonds-by-the-Yard necklace. It’s not just a trend; it has become a jewelry staple. If you love your classic solitaire pendant now, wait until you update it on a Diamonds-by-the-Yard. It’s a whole new “you.” Wear them long or drape yourself in layers. Combine Diamonds-by-the-Yard with chains of a different color, with pearls, with colored gems. There is no right or wrong. You can be as innovative as you like and create your own style.

Jazziest Bands in Town

THE JAZZIEST BANDS IN TOWN…are performing at GLITTERS and creating magic. Our extensive collection of bands is sure to delight any bride, starting with the traditional gold band and continuing with intricately detailed and diamond bands of seemingly endless designs. We’ve got it all. There are bands to match and enhance your engagement ring. Put one on either side and you have a stunning ensemble. But, diamond bands aren’t just for brides or anniversaries. Today’s bands are made for stacking. Start with one diamond band, or put two or three together. Then add ruby bands or sapphire bands on either side, and “voila”…It’s Magic! You have a gorgeous fashion ring. Change to black diamonds, or pink diamonds, etc., and you have a wardrobe of gorgeous rings. Do come see our Jazzy Bands perform their magic.

Celebrate Mom

At GLITTERS we just love Mothers! We ARE Mothers! And Mothers love fine jewelry. So, naturally, we’ve prepared a spectacular “smorgasbord” of luscious fine jewelry with MOMS in mind… beautiful jewelry to give with love.

The celebration of Mother’s Day can be traced back to the spring celebration of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially announced Mother’s Day as a national holiday to be held on the second Sunday of May.

Our flowers make a real statement of love! They won’t fade away after that special day. They last forever, because they’re diamond flowers: rings, earrings, pendant and bracelets in multiple colors. Or, you might choose something personalized, such as a CHAMILIA Bracelet with charms that mean something special just for your mom. A CHAMILIA Bracelet is something you can add to for years to come, for any occasion.

Moms always love lockets to hold precious pictures they can have with them always. And Don’t forget about the Heather Moore Custom Charms. Our very own Robyn can make a charm just for your mom out of our own Glitters Shop.

We have endless possibilities.

Spring Newsletter

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Turning Green

Can’t wear your ring anymore because it causes your finger to be itchy and red?

“One is an allergic reaction to the metal, generally nickel, which can be present in small quantities even in expensive gold and platinum rings. The other is a surface irritation from moisture and soap trapped under the ring, which can occur with any kind.”

We suggest removing your ring before washing your hands.

Go here for the full article.

1/2 off rhodium for the month of October 2010! See events for more information.

Best In Gold!

We are so proud of Heather B. Moore! She won “Best in Gold” at the Couture Design Show on Saturday, June 6th, 2010.

Come in to Glitters to start customizing your own Heather Moore jewelry! We have specialists to help you design your own jewelry.

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