Going for the Gold at Glitters Fine Jewelry

When you think of jewelry, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is Gold.

Gold is one of the more recognizable metals because of its significant impact on the course of human history and huge effect on the shaping of culture and science. Due to its malleability and shininess, the metal has been used to make much more than just jewelry, but not too many people are familiar with the several purposes of Gold.

Fun Facts about Gold:

  • The world’s gold originates from a collision of neutron stars. The gold in our jewelry are little pieces of neutron stars that merged in our galaxy before the sun was born. How exquisitely radiant?

  • Gold is the 79th element on the Periodic Table of the Elements with the atomic symbol of Au which derives from the Latin word for gold, aurum.

  • Purified 24k gold is relatively soft and breaks easily. To manage the metal’s color and durability, Gold is often alloyed with other metals. Therefore, lower-purity gold or alloyed gold is commonly used in jewelry.

  • Olympic medals made of solid gold were last awarded in 1912 at the Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden. Now, Olympic Gold medals are required to contain a minimum of 6 grams of gold.

  • Gold is used as a garnish for gourmet foods, sweets and drinks. Though the gold leaf or flakes are flavorless, it adds glitter and a perception of high value.

  • In the early 2000s, Gold teeth were popular fashion statements especially in the hip-hip culture.

  • After the successful conquest of Gaul, Julius Caesar awards each of his soldiers 200gold coins and pay off war debts.

  • A 800-year-old copy of the Muslim holy book, the Quran, is transcribed in gold and was sold for nearly $2.3 million at a London auction in 2007.

Preview our favorite gold trends:

A Golden Opportunity

It’s still the middle of winter but spring will soon be here. That’s the time when we traditionally clean our closets and dressers in anticipation of warmer weather. While you’re “spring cleaning” this year keep an eye out for jewelry pieces that you haven’t put on for years. Gold prices remain high which makes now the perfect time to sell those unworn jewels. Bring them to Glitters. We can weigh and buy your gold at current market prices, giving you cash or store credit towards your new jewelry favorite. We call that a golden opportunity… just sitting in your closet.

What does the Gold Rush mean to you?

“It’s as good as gold.” That’s the time-worn proverbial comparison.And, never more so than now. Gold is intrinsically valuable; always has been. The price of gold, however has a history of fluctuating wildly, for many reasons.

The financial markets deal in the PURE ECONOMY of gold. That’s why it’s featured prominently in the business news. Let’s not overlook the pure beauty of gold.  Beautifully crafted and designed pieces of jewelry are meant to be treasured eternally.  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? for one thing, the value of your beautiful gold jewelry may have drastically changed, and YOU MAY NOT BE PROPERLY INSURED IN CASE OF A JEWELRY LOSS (heaven forbid!). So, if you have not already done so, you should have your fine jewelry re-evaluated for insurance purposes. GLITTERS can help you. Just stop by or call for an appointment.

While you’re at it, you might find some pieces you haven’t worn in years and really don’t care to keep eternally. GLITTERS can help you there. too. Just gather up those pieces, as well. Bring them to GLITTERS. We will WEIGH your gold and BUY your gold from you based on the current market price of gold.


How Karatage Affects Price, Quality and Appearance

How does the purity of gold jewelry affect its price, quality and appearance? What part do other metals play in provenance, value and wearability of gold jewelry?

Pure gold – commonly referred to as 24-karat (24K) gold – is rarely used in jewelry. More often, gold jewelry contains other metals that will make the gold stronger and more durable. Most fine jewelry in the U.S. is either 14K (58%) gold or 18K (75%) gold.

Jewelry made of 20K to 24K gold is dazzling, almost otherworldly, but gold of this purity is extremely malleable, easily bent, scratched or dented.

Most people prefer 14K or 18K gold jewelry. Glitters can help you determine which is right for you. You’ll pay more for 18K gold, which has a richer, more brilliant color than 14K; on the other hand, 18K is less durable.

Pure gold in its natural state is a rich, brilliant yellow, but by alloying gold with other metals new hues can be produced. Rose gold contains copper; green gold contains silver; white gold has a mixture of silver, zinc and nickel. White gold is traditionally used for bridal jewelry because it’s white color complements diamonds so beautifully. Rose gold is currently becoming very fashionable, especially in two-tone or tri-color designs.

Gold is intrinsically valuable. Prices have a history of fluctuating wildly. Beyond that, there are other things that help determine the value of gold jewelry, including design, craftsmanship, and just old-fashioned BEAUTY which, of course, is in the “eye of the beholder.”

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