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What's On Our Minds

Because we think of our customers like members of our family, we like to share our thoughts and ideas. And just like any family conversation, you never know what we may talk – or in this case, write – about. We may write about what’s happening at Glitters Fine Jewelry or the jewelry industry, or maybe share an anecdote we’ve been chatting about at the store.

Think of our blog as our kitchen table. We invite you to pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and share in our thoughts and news. And if you’d like to share yours, we’d love to read it. 


Anna Beck

Get Sociable

So, you have that Instagram account, and you love the pictures your friends, co-workers, cousins, grown kids . . . heck, even the neighbors . . . post. But you keep running out of ideas to post your own. You're not into selfies, you'd rather eat your meal than display it, and face it . . . you're busy.

Embrace Your Geekness Day

July 13 is national "Embrace Your Geekness Day." You don't have to ask us twice! The truth is, being a jewelry professional is two parts fashion consultant, two parts private shopper, two parts gift advisor, and about 10 parts geek.

From the Archives

For years, Glitters' founder Diane wrote a column in our regular newsletter. Here are some highlights.

You Gotta Have It

This is the latest in our series of “musts:” Stacking necklaces – or, in this case, we more aptly call it “layering.” The possibilities are endless (as are some of the wonderful necklaces you can layer).

Perfect Accessories for that Formal Occasion

Things are simpler now. This is no longer the age of decadence and extravagance, so the new strategy for accessorizing your formal-wear may be a little star­tling to you.

How to Avoid Online Scams


Heirlooms: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

If you inherited your mother's diamond ring, or Grandma's earrings, or Aunt Jenny's ruby pendant, what would you do? Would you stash it away in your jewelry box? Would you sell it and buy something new?

Go for the Green!

With a rainbow of subtle to vibrant colors to select from, green is emerging as a serious contender in both fashion clothing and fine jewelry. There is a natural gravitation to this clean color due to its intense sense of nature.


Not all spouses or mates are "gifted" when it comes to remembering special occasions. Some are "gift-challenged." They have to be carefully nurtured. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Hanukah and Christmas occur at the same time every year. So, why do they disappoint us so often? And, why does it drive us nuts?

We Take it Personally

That is – our personal relationship with you, our valued friends and customers. That’s still what we value the most, our OLD-FASHIONED ways. We are so grateful to be able to share in your many happy occasions and life-cycle events. Of course, that’s how we stay “Glittering.”

Spring Cleaning

No! Not the closets or the drawers or kitchen cabinets. Let’s talk about putting your “jewelry house in order.” Take a look at your jewelry wardrobe, deep into the bottom and corners of that jewelry box. Anything you haven’t worn in ages? What a waste!

Holiday Preparations

Not the usual kind of preparations – not cooking – not cleaning – not shopping – not wrapping. Let’s talk about putting your “jewelry house in order.”

Diamonds that Dazzle

From simple to simply spectacular, fine diamond jewelry is on everyone’s “A-List” for the Holidays! Select from delicate pavé stackables, significant diamond solitaires, and classic three-stone creations all designed to set a heart a’flutter.

The Diamond Line Bracelet

During World War II, women wore them in red, white, and blue, and called them “service stripes.” Decades later, a tennis star created a sensation when she dropped hers on the court. And today, they are one of the most wanted jewelry items in fashion. What is this phenomenon? The Diamond Line Bracelet.

Anniversary Bands Symbolize Eternal Love

Few jewelry designs say “everlasting love” like the diamond anniversary band. This category has really thrived in recent years, thanks to more available styles, a more sentimental national mood post 9-11, and a renaissance of classic looks.

Anniversary Bands: Diamonds and Beyond

An engagement ring, coupled with a wedding band, signifies the commitment and love that was solemnized on your wedding day. One glance at those powerful symbols and poignant memories blossom in the mind.

Kansas City

Family Owned for 40 Years

Diane, our founder and “mom”, who worked in the jewelry business since a young age, first opened Glitters from her kitchen table in 1980. Diane’s daughters, Beth and Debbie – who inherited Diane’s dedication to her staff and customers – also inherited the business. They are joined by Patti, Sharon, Amber, Andrea and Robyn.

The Glitters Girls are a unique sisterhood of jewelry experts providing unmatched customer service in the Kansas City metro area. From helping grooms-to-be plan magical proposals, to tucking precious gifts in balloons, ice-cream cartons, bouquets of flowers or champagne bottles – we are here to make your shopping experience fun and your gift-giving experience a beautiful moment to cherish.

Love ♥ The Glitter Girls