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The Diamond Line Bracelet

During World War II, women wore them in red, white, and blue, and called them “service stripes.” Decades later, a tennis star created a sensation when she dropped hers on the court. And today, they are one of the most wanted jewelry items in fashion. What is this phenomenon? The Diamond Line Bracelet.

This flexible, all-diamond bracelet is a classic by any standard, and today, as women demand quality, value, and versatility in their jewelry, the diamond line bracelet is the perfect solution. It is available in a range of sizes and designs in platinum or gold settings. DeBeers romances the category by saying the bracelet has “curves and lines like a woman.”

Choose from classics, such as matched brilliants in prong or channel settings to trend-setting designs that combine diamonds of different sizes.

Some diamond line bracelets alternate round and baguette diamonds so they resemble a woven pattern.

Others juxtapose small and larger versions of the same shape to achieve more texture and brilliance. Imagine a bracelet of emerald-cut diamonds with smaller princess cuts or baguettes between them.

While diamonds remain the focal point of all bracelets, some designers are creating more elaborate looks with scrolled and textured gold, repeating motifs and alternating patterns of fancy links.

The beauty and classicism of diamond line bracelets has not been lost on the fashion world. The house of Halston, known for deceptively simple dresses and eveningwear, created a sensation with high-heeled shoes whose ankle straps were diamond line bracelets! The avant-garde Dutch design team Viktor and Rolf went for an updated line bracelet with a small detachable bell. They also loaded up their models’ arms with shimmering multiples of diamond bracelets.

Fashion magazines are featuring diamond line bracelets on their pages for fall and holiday. Now’s the time to lead the fashion parade with a diamond line bracelet – one of the most elegant classics of all time.

This article was written by Glitters' founder Diane, and reprinted from the archive.