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Perfect Accessories for that Formal Occasion

Things are simpler now. This is no longer the age of decadence and extravagance, so the new strategy for accessorizing your formal-wear may be a little star­tling to you.

For the simple evening looks shown on the fashion runways, jewelry de­signers are creating simpler looks for the ears, wrists and necklines. While, of course, ball gowns never really go out of style, fashion leaders are recom­mending casual looks transformed into elegant compilations for evening attire.

Sportswear-influenced style offers not only a fresh look, but also -for a change -comfort for the woman. Sweater, T-shirt, or tank-top shapes topped long and thin, or perhaps sweeping, skirts.

Even tailored suits appeared on the runways, in menswear fabric, but accented with elegant beaded or sequined silk tops. The overall theme is the mixing of the sporty with the sensual.

And, though the styles have changed, Delicate impatiens come to life in platinum and diamond pave. Collection includes a ring, earrings and pendant.

Nothing has changed the imperative role of fine jewelry in dressing to impress for evening. Diamonds remain the top choice. Like apparel, however, diamonds of choice are those that are casual-gone-formal. Diamond studs get a little larger and perhaps encrusted with an extra layer of pave diamonds on the bezel for evening. Same with the solitaire necklace, which looks best against the cool gray and silver tones of the season's clothes in either white gold or platinum.

Another classic favorite that is putting the fashion world on notice is cultured pearls. Especially mysterious and sensual black cultured pearls are earning more and more star power every season.

With apparel’s lean toward the casual-inspired styles, black cultured pearls are a perfect choice to accessories. Like diamonds, these gems are best with black or gray tones and really snap when paired with white metals and, perhaps, a diamond accent for contrast.

This article was written by Glitters' founder Diane, and reprinted from the archive.