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You Gotta Have It

This is the latest in our series of “musts:” Stacking necklaces – or, in this case, we more aptly call it “layering.” The possibilities are endless (as are some of the wonderful necklaces you can layer).

There may be a limit to how many rings you can stack on your fingers or how many bracelets you can stack on your arms, but “with a larger canvas, you can paint a bigger picture.”

Perhaps starting with a pendant or a lariat, you can keep framing layer aafter layer. Mix, match, or contrast: diamonds-by-the-yard, gems-by-the-yard, or anything-by-the-yard. There are pearls of all colors, gemstone beads of all colors, any combinations you choose. What a great way to inject your very own personality into your accessories.

Just layer away.

This article was written by Glitters' founder Diane, and reprinted from the archive.