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Embrace Your Geekness Day

July 13 is national "Embrace Your Geekness Day." You don't have to ask us twice! The truth is, being a jewelry professional is two parts fashion consultant, two parts private shopper, two parts gift advisor, and about 10 parts geek.

In fact, working in jewelry (or just being in love with jewelry) is the ideal left brain/right brain activity! There's just so much to understand about metals (do you know what metals are added to gold to make white gold?), gemstones (like the relative hardness of rubies compared to tourmaline), diamonds (we could talk about diamonds all day), or pearls (we know about a 92-year-old woman who still dives for pearls daily - just like her parents did!).

We can also geek out thinking about the ways jewelry is made. How metal gets harder and stronger as you hammer it. How cutting diamonds (also called polishing) requires the ultimate blend of sculpting, architectural, and mathematical skill. How to take a wax, carve it, fix it to a stem, dunk it in investment powder (picture plaster-of-paris), pour liquid metal into it, and turn it into a piece of glorious jewelry. 

Yep, we can geek on and on about these things.

So here's our plan. On national Embrace Your Geekness Day, ask us any question you like about jewelry. Ask us on social media, or text us, or give us a call! Please . . . try to stump us. Help us get our geek on, and give us a chance to fire up your inner geek in the process.